Chronicle of past WPSA UK Meetings

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2013 WPSA UK Spring Meeting - Chronicles


Report of 2013 WPSA UK Spring Meeting. Click here to read

2013 WPSA UK Spring Meeting

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2014 WPSA UK Spring Meeting - Chronicles


Updates from 2014 Spring Meeting


                   Video 1

                   Video 2


31st Poultry Science Symposium (2014)

Chester, UK


No online information about 2014 Poultry Science Symposium available.


2015 WPSA UK Spring Meeting - Chronicles



Memories from 2015

Spring Meeting

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Video 1 - Pres. Prizes

Video 2 - GML Introduction

Video 3 - GML Medal presentation

Meeting Pictures

President Prizes

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Gordon ML Pictures

2016 WPSA UK Spring Meeting

Memories from 2016 Spring Meeting

Video 1 - Chester, where it all happened

Video 2 - the poster hall at the conference

Video 3 - Gordon memorial lecture - introduction

Videon 4 - Gordon memorial lecture - medal presentation

Album 1 - At the conference

Album 2 - awards winners

Album 3 - Gordon memorial lecture

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