The work of the WPSA is about promoting excellence in poultry science, husbandry and education. Established in 1946, the UK branch is a registered charity* run by an elected Council of Trustees with representatives from academia, science and industry.

Membership of WPSA (UK branch) is open to anyone with an interest in the poultry industry and poultry science. Benefits of membership include free subscription for World Poultry Science Journal, attendance at Annual General Meeting of the branch, and reduced rates for attendance at the Annual Spring Meeting, Poultry Science symposia, and World Poultry Congresses.

All members receive a quarterly Newsletter on current activities, Branch meetings and affairs, European workshops and Symposia, and developments in the World body. The Poultry Science Symposia series are normally held in alternate years and the Proceedings provide an up to date text book on issue of current research**

The European Federation Branches of the WPSA

To ensure closer liaison of activities, branches in Europe have formed a federation. Two particular activities are organised by this federation – the European Poultry Conferences and Working Groups.

Twelve Working Groups (WGs – see insert), drawing specialists from all European Branches, now consider, report on and make recommendations on specific areas of poultry science.

Working Groups have been increasingly active in promoting Symposia on their subjects, held recently in various European countries.

More information on the activities of these working groups and the UK branch representatives can be found in the members only section.

Working Groups

WG 1: Economics & Marketing
WG 2: Nutrition
WG 3: Breeding and Genetics
WG 4: Egg Quality
WG 5: Poultry Meat Quality
WG 6: Reproduction
WG 8: Waterfowl
WG 9: Bird Welfare
WG10: Turkeys
WG 11: Education & Information
WG 12: Physiology
WG 13: Ratites