UK Branch seeks help with conference organisation

The organising committee of the 33rd Poultry Science Symposium (PSS) to be held on 22nd-24th August 2022 is looking for a volunteer to assist the committee, in return for free attendance and accommodation at the PSS in Cambridge.

The volunteer would be expected to attend online 3 weekly meetings of around 30-60 minutes, plus carry out admin tasks such as collating information from speakers, chasing up symposium papers, and maintaining the flow of information between the organising committee and the conference company administering the event for us.

The role is anticipated to take 1-2 hours per week from now until October, and the person will be acknowledged by name in the CABI book based on the symposium.

Please send Expressions of Interest outlining what you give and what you would gain from the role along with a CV using the form below. Closing date for applications is Monday 11th April.

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