WPSA UK Travel Grant application

A key priority for WPSA is to improve opportunities for students in poultry science. As a result, the UK branch offers sponsorship for students and retired members to attend the annual Spring Meeting. This enables students to gain insight into poultry research and to meet established poultry scientists. Additionally, we would like the branch to continue benefiting from contributions and insights from our retired members.

There are around ten grants available each year which cover the following:

  • Full student / retired member registration
  • Contribution to air fare, accommodation, travel expense, or conference dinner up to £310.

Applications are assessed and awarded at discretion of Council: each application will be reviewed on a case per case basis: a decision to fund an individual one year does not guarantee funding in subsequent years.

While student applications will be prioritised, one-off applications from retired members are most welcome, noting details in sections below marked with an asterisk are not required.

Students (UK based or otherwise) studying poultry, animal and allied sciences are invited to apply but the following will be considered as supportive of your application:

  • Submission of an abstract
  • Being a taught course student registered at a UK university or institute
  • Not having attended this meeting before

Repeated applications from retired members will be considered where the applicant has:

  • Recently published (<3 years) in a peer reviewed scientific journal on a poultry related topic or;
  • Are a named author of a paper/abstract to be presented at the meeting or;
  • Offer to mentor a student/recent graduate in matched area of interest.

Please use the form below to complete your application for funding to attend our meeting in person. Closing date for applications is 10th December 2022.


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How to complete this form

To complete this form you will need to provide information about yourself and the study/work you are involved in. If you are a student, you will need to have your supervisor’s contact details and support to apply. Please do not proceed until you have all relevant information as this may prevent you from completing the form.