Membership of the WPSA

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Membership Categories

There are three categories of membership:

  1. Individual membership (annual or life) may be held by any person who is or has been engaged in any activity connected with poultry science or the poultry industry and who is interested in the objects of the Association.
  2. Student membership may be held by poultry students whilst undergoing full time education.
  3. Emeritus membership is available to former members who have retired. They are allowed to continue membership of the UK Branch (as “Emeritus Members”) and of the parent Association. 

Annual membership subscription fees for UK members:

Individual*£45.00 GBP
Student£20.00 GBP
Emeritus£20.00 GBP
Lifetime£800.00 GBP

[ * For those Individual members agreeing to pay their annual subscription by Banker’s Order, the above rates are discounted so that they pay only £40.00 GBP per year. ]

Members pay a combined fee to the world WPSA, European Federation and the UK Branch:

  • Part of the fee is retained by the Branch after payment of dues to the WPSA (20.00 US$ per Individual member, 10.00 US$ per Student member and 50.00 US$ per Affiliate member) and the European Federation (€1.48 per member). These are used mainly for publication of the Journal and for European and world activities.
  • Members of the Association pay reduced registration fees to attend World Congresses, European Conferences and any UK Branch Conference or Annual Meeting.

Application Process

Complete the forms (below) and send signed hard copies to the address indicated therein.  For those using Online Banking it is possible to set up a Banker’s Order online.  In that case there is no need to send an original to the Bank but use hard copy or email to notify the Membership Secretary.

Application Forms