Gordon Memorial Lecturers

You can read further information around the Gordon Memorial Trust fund here. Please note that videos and further information on the guest lecturer may be found by using the link from their name.

Year Recipient Country Lecture
2022 Professor Christine Nicol United Kingdom Whither hen welfare?
2021 No lecture
2020 No lecture
2019 Professor Paul Barrow United Kingdom Novel approaches to controlling bacterial infections
2018 Dr M. Bedford United Kingdom The evolution and application of enzymes in the animal feed industry: opportunities and misunderstandings
2017 Professor Dr R. Preisinger Germany Innovative layer genetics to handle global challenges in egg production
2016 Professor Dr M Hess Austria Commensal or pathogen – a challenge to fulfil Kochs postulates
2015 Professor R Gous South Africa The rewards of using a modelling approach in directing poultry research
2014 Professor P Kaiser United Kingdom Understanding host-pathogen interactions in the chicken: prospects for disease control in the post-genome age
2013 Dr P Hocking United Kingdom Unexpected consequences of genetic selection in broilers and turkeys: problems and solutions
2012 Dr Ilaria Capua Italy Three open issues on avian influenza – against all the odds
2011 Professor M.S. Dawkins United Kingdom Commercial scale research and assessment of animal welfare
2010 Professor E. Decuypere Belgium The broiler breeder paradox from the physiological, genetic and ethical viewpoint
2009 Professor R.C. Jones United Kingdom Viral respiratory diseases: are they ever under control?
2008 Professor Mingan Choct Australia Managing gut health through nutrition
2007 Professor K C Klasing United States of America Nutrition and the immune system
2006 Professor T Humphrey United Kingdom Are happy chickens safer chickens? Poultry welfare and disease susceptibility
2005 No lecture
2004 Professor J Bradbury United Kingdom Poultry mycoplasmas: sophisticated pathogens in simple guise
2003 Professor G Bulfield United Kingdom Poultry breeding in the post-genomics era
2002 Dr F Davison United Kingdom The immunologists debt to the chicken
2001 Professor IJH Duncan Canada Poultry welfare: science or subjectivity?
2000 Dr D J Alexander United Kingdom Newcastle disease
1999 Dr C C Whitehead United Kingdom Nutrition: The integrative science
1998 Professor S E Solomon United Kingdom An egg ist ein ei, es un huevo, est un oeuf
1997 Professor R Etches Canada A holistic view of poultry science from a reductionist perspective
1996 Professor M Stewart McNulty United Kingdom Chicken anaemia virus: a glimpse of the future?
1995 Professor T Morris United Kingdom Poultry science: The next 20 years?
1994 Professor H Siegel United States of America Stress, strains and resistance
1993 Dr L N Payne United Kingdom Problems and crusades: a history of poultry disease research in the United Kingdom
1992 Mr J Ewart United Kingdom Evolution of genetic selection techniques and their application in the next decade
1991 Professor B W Calnek United States of America Chicken neoplasia – a model for cancer research
1990 Dr A H J Visschedijk Netherlands Physics and physiology of incubation
1989 Professor P M Biggs United Kingdom Vaccines and vaccination – Past, present and future
1988 Professor P B Siegel United States of America The genetic-behavioural interface and well-being of poultry
1987 Dr W Hartmann West Germany From Mendel to multi-national in poultry breeding
1986 Professor E H Kampelmacher Netherlands Poultry disease and public health
1985 Dr M E Coates United Kingdom The biologists debt to the domestic fowl
1984 Dr F T W Jordan United Kingdom People, poultry and pathogenic mycoplasmas
1983 Professor P L Long United States of America Coccidiosis control: Past, present and future